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TalkShop was created after a successful attempt at educating students and parents about career paths that lead to $100,000 in total comp without earning a bachelors degree.  TalkShop is the culmination of several conversations with industry and the quest to find more talent.  The “silver tsunami” is upon us, where the Baby Boomers are facing retirement, but yet not enough new talent is entering the skilled trades.  TalkShop is a means of educating all listeners as to what jobs are out there and how to get started.



Meet Zain, a millwright.

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Meet Zain.

She’s a millwright.

This high-precision craftsperson claims she went the “hard knocks route”, discusses the 3 qualities needed to be a millwright, and talks about her mentors.

Listen to meet Zain.


Meet Michael, a MedicoLegal Death Investigator

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Meet Michael.

He’s a MedicoLegal Death Investigator, a fancy term for one who investigates deaths.

He has his college degree, but did he need it to get this position?

Listen and find out.


Meet Anthony, a flight attendant

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Meet Anthony.

He’s a flight attendant.

He adapts well, can multi-task, and he’s a people person.

Does this sound like you?

Maybe becoming a flight attendant is the path for you.


Meet Connie, a sheet metal worker

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Meet Connie.

She’s a sheet metal worker and leads a crew of nine.

She’s dyslexic.

She talks straight about her career path from retail to sheet metal.

What’s the silver tsunami?

And, what does it mean to “turn out”?

Listen and find out.


Meet Melissa, the Diesel Queen

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She’s a diesel mechanic and fixes heavy equipment used in agriculture, construction and forestry.

What makes a good mechanic?

Listen and find out!


Learn about a career in real estate

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Nicole graduated high school unsure of what was next.  She was waitressing when she made some connections that led her to a career in sales.  And, then she switched industries and became a Team Leader and Principal for a major real estate firm where she leads a team of over 400 real estate agents.  Listen to her path and learn about steps to take to start a career in real estate.


Sparky Genny – becoming an electrician

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Genny thought she’d going into cosmetology until she had to do a rotation in electrical at her high school.  The rest is history, as they say.  Genny is now completing her 2nd year as an electrical apprentice.  She’s getting paid while learning on-the-job.  Listen to her path and find out what to do to become an electrician.

Our Story

With over 20 years in the field of human resource management, Helen O’Brien is now a Career & Technical Education Coordinator at a public high school in Northern California.  She assists students with career exploration as well as exposing them to all the possible paths they could take on their career journey.  

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